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The Manor Backwater Resort which is spread on 4 acres of land has 40 large suites with attached dressing and bath rooms. The suite rooms are decked out with local aesthetic elements like traditionally designed furniture, fully equipped bathrooms with 24 hours hot water service and many more. A soothing view of the Vembanad lake from each and every room is one of the unique features of the Manor Backwater resort. The different cottage blocks of the Manor Backwater Resort are linked with connecting bridges & each block has an atrium of indoor garden on either side of the passages. The view differs as you move from ground to first floor, from one end to the other and from one direction to the other. You would definitely love taking a stroll, viewing, stopping at the bridges connecting the blocks or taking in the breeze as well as different panoramic views. The cosy rooms have a pleasant view of the rising sun greeting you each morning in the eastern sided rooms and the last rays of the sunset can be viewed from the romantic western sided rooms. Every room has its own individual balcony built with traditional Kerala ‘Valavukkal’, teakwood ‘Charupadi’ and the flooring is of terracotta tiles.

The enchanting views of the Vembanad lake will deliver you to a different world and you can feel your troubles slowly fading away. It’s just the place to enjoy the view, a soft caressing breeze, enjoy a drink or a snack –all in your own secluded privacy, watching the sunrise or sunset, or even the moon come up with the stars in tow. Nothing but an occasional boat with smiling shy faces or a long whale of colorful ducks interrupt - briefly -almost immediately moving out of sight leaving you wondering if you were day dreaming. The gentle river moves so softly that it looks as if still. Not a ripple is there in the lake as even the breeze seems to move differentially, careful not to ruffle the glossy hair of the comely maiden with clumps of pink lotuses for ornaments. The breeze that wafts across green paddy fields flooded with water & then crosses the river is cool and caresses gently…
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