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At the Manor Backwater Resort, we are proud of the locale, comfort and facilities that we offer! But there is one more thing that makes us the best preferred location, the wonderful scenic spots in Kumarakom that are near to our resort. We are excited about the beauty of our surroundings and would love to organize to show you around, so that the your stay with us will be simply an unforgettable experience. Apart from the scenic beauty, a wide cultural experience awaits you here. Ancient traditions have been preserved with diligence and are still being practiced with devotion. Kuttanad region gave the world its traditions of Ayurveda, the science of life and Kalaripayattu the unparallelled martial art that is the precursor to Karate and Kung-Fu. Classical dance, Mohiniyattam and folk genre Kathakali are traditions of Kerala practised here. Its unique architecture traveled thousands of years ago to Japan along with Buddhism and has since found permanence there.

Around the Resort

Enjoy your stay at the resort with delightful walks along the Pennar River, by the coconut groves and flooded paddy fields which leads to the lazing boats in the jetty, the lake, through the picturesque Kuttanad villages.

The Vembanad Lake and Backwaters Cruise

The Vembanad Lake and the cruise through the backwaters will be the best things we could offer to make your holidays wonderful! This vast lake and more waterscapes in the form of backwaters, all these factors are the main reason behind which this region is called the “Venice of the East”. This place is almost a secret getaway of lovers of pristine nature.

Kumarakom is a centre for houseboat cruises.

The Boat Jetty of Kumarakom is just a mere 100 meters away from the Manor Backwater Resort. Houseboats as well as ‘gondolas’ can be organized for the guests based on their interests. Small ‘Gondola’ kind of ethnic styled boats are available for short round trips to explore the countryside, while the houseboats are made available for longer trips. Traditional cargo boats called Kettuvallams are modified into cruise boats and houseboats, with all the basic facilities like kitchen, toilet, bathrooms, sit-outs etc. These boats move gracefully around the backwaters, providing facilities to the tourist to enjoy the beauty of the Vembanad lake at a relaxed pace. Flooded paddy fields or groves of coconut palms can be seen on either side of the canals. Native homes dot the countryside - an occasional church spire peeks tall above the flat skyline reminding us that it was in these parts of India that Christianity first entered and spread preached by none other than one of Christ’s 12 disciples - St. Thomas. Moving around on the local ferries is half the fun of visiting Kumarakom as these conducted cruises through the winding waterways will take you to several quaint spots. The maze of canals serves the locals in their daily life – people and goods are transported in small country craft, bigger cargo boats as well as speed ferries. The cruises also offer a peep into the everyday life of the locals by the water. The four hour boat trip between Kumarakom and Alappuzha is the most enchanting experience of Kerala Backwaters.

The Bird Sanctuary in Kumarakom

The Kumarakom bird sanctuary is spread over a land of 14 acres of peaceful tropical jungle and is apt for a walk, which is less than a kilometer from the Manor Backwater Resort. It is a favorite spot, where the migratory birds from across the world arrives, and this makes the place a renowned bird watching centre. Waterfowl, Wild ducks, Cuckoos, Egrets, Darters, Bitterns, Brahminy kites, Marsh Harriers, Teals, several varieties of Herons etc. can be seen here in abundance. The famous Siberian storks migrate to Kumarakom every season.



The strategic importance of Cochin is underlined by the sobriquet Queen of the Arabian Sea. Cochin, the commercial and industrial capital of Kerala is just 55 kms from the Manor Backwater Resort, and can be reached in just over an hour. It has one of the finest natural harbors in the world. The still functional 600 year old Chinese fishing nets on the bay of the Arabian Sea, are an amazing sight to behold. Kochi is home to the oldest Jewish synagogue, in the Commonwealth & a fast diminishing number of just a few dozen Jews, still pray here. The unique architecture, the chandeliers and the floor, laid with hand painted blue tiles from China are noteworthy. Ancient travellers from across Arabia, China, Holland, Britain and Portugal have all left their mark on this beautiful island city that boasts a cosmopolitan citizenry even today!


Referred to as the Venice of the East, Alappuzha has always enjoyed an important place in the maritime history of Kerala. Today, it is famous for its boat races, backwater holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry. This region, called Kuttanad, is the granary of Kerala and is one of the few regions in the world where farming is done below sea level!


Bordered by the lofty and mighty Western Ghats on the east and the Vembanad Lake and paddy fields of Kuttanad on the west, Kottayam is a land of unique characteristics. Panoramic backwater stretches, lush paddy fields, highlands, hills and hillocks, extensive rubber plantations, places associated with many legends and a totally literate people have given Kottayam District the enviable title: The land of letters, legends, latex and lakes. Kottayam is an important commercial centre of Kerala, thanks to its strength as a producer of most of India’s natural rubber, originating from acres of well-kept plantations of Kottayam.The road which winds from Kottayam to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady through plantations of rubber, tea, coffee and pepper is very scenic. The Siva temple at Thirunakkara is in the heart of Kottayam town. The sanctum-sanctorum is covered with pictures from the epics. Also there are several ancient Churches, that are highly significant and worth visiting with a guide.

Gift Shopping

A special red banana unique to Kerala is fried in coconut oil to make crispy chips. A second variety is dipped in hot jaggery, the unrefined produce of sugar cane to make a sweet snack. Tapioca is the highest calorie root and delicious spicy chips are made of this root. These and fine cotton saris and dhotis (traditional clothing) with gold border are good gifts to take back or to gift for someone special!

Shopping in Kumarakom

The highway near Kumarakom is dotted with Antique shops selling Chinese salt jars, Kerala Bronze lamps, ‘Uralis’ , ornate latches called ‘manichitra taalam’ & also, carved triangular wooden panels for entrance ornamentation etc.

Jewellery Shopping in Kottayam

Hundreds of glittering jewellery stores in the prosperous rubber town of Kottayam boasts of fine gold ornaments made in a style unique to Kerala.

Shopping in Kochi

The area around the Synagogue - the Jew Town is a centre for fine, and fresh spices & numerous antique and curio shops stocked with carved pillars and doors to furniture and curios from grand old demolished buildings.

Shopping in Alappuzha

Alappuzha is reputed for its coir products, pepper, coconut oil, areca nut, cardamom, sugar, etc Though Alleppey is not a regular shopper's delight, one is not disappointed because what is available is generally of good quality.


Manor Backwater resort provides all the leisure activities to make sure that your stay with us is never boring! 24 x 7 satellite television is connected to every single room. DVDs of the latest hit movies and old classics are available in English, Hindi and almost all regional languages, along with a DVD player. The Manor Resort and the lake Vembanad make just the perfect setting for a relaxed stay with a wide range of activities offered to its guests. Enjoy the ultimate wellness experience at the hotel’s Wellness Centre, have a relaxing swim in our infinity panoramic pool, experience the art of Kerala’ s cuisine with our cookery classes and much more. Additional options are offered in and nearby Kumarakom like culture tours, boat excursions etc. Find out more directly at the resort. time to relax and enjoy.


The Manor Backwater Resort is a resort for all seasons! It is as pleasant in the monsoon as you would expect it to be in spring. Normally, Kerala has four distinctive seasons. Although each season has a charm of its own, the prominent one is monsoon. In the festival months of August and September, the rivers in and near Kottayam are turned into festival centers. In the Kumarakom Boat Race, conducted at Kavanar and Kottathodu rivers, about 50 types of boats, viz. Veppu, Ody, Churulan and a few snake boats, participate. This race is a beauty to watch!


November to February - The winter season has a cool weather with gentle breezes and a sun that does not heat up but only lights up - benevolently smiling down. Lazy golden days ideal for hikes and cozy evenings. The cold crisp intoxicating air envelops you. Early mornings are for lazing around in a sanctuary of peace and quietude as life begins slowly as the sun comes up. The fluffy white clouds disperse. This is the best time of the year to visit. The air is bracing and there is a slight mist on some mornings.


Following the winter, comes the summer season, which generally starts by the end of February and continues till the end of May. Summer in Kerala is exhibited by low rainfall, comparatively higher temperature and humid weather. The season also shows erratic rains along with thunder and lightning. The warmer months have clear blue skies, long days and starry nights. Perhaps, a refreshing storm now and then – conventional rain from the Arabian Sea.


Mid-May to August - Everything is rain washed & everywhere is lush and green. The fresh air & the rains are an intoxicating mix. It is a time when many Malayalis,- natives of Kerala take a course of traditional ayurvedic baths annually. The famous Nehru snake boat races are held annually on the 2nd Saturday of August in Alappuzha, an hour away from the Manor. They attract thousands of visitors. Each long boat holds 150 oarsmen singing and rowing together– the boat race is awesome and overwhelming sight.


September and October - The second best time of the year to visit. Tender green leaves cling to the trees, hundreds of white lilies and gorgeous pink lotuses dot the ponds, nature is at her best. The song of birds is in the air!

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